Our Customers

Health Plans

RxAdvance believes that we can be a true partner to Health Plans. By placing all data on our singular  Collaborative PBM Cloud platform, RxAdvance is able to fully analyze the data and provide a holistic approach to pharmacy benefit management. RxAdvance offers a customizable system with flexible workflows which allows us to cater towards each Health Plan’s unique needs. Differing from other PBMs, RxAdvance provides the highest level of transparency; real-time access to the platform allows Health Plans to monitor RxAdvance’s performance against its performance guarantees, and if desired, Health Plans can drill down to the claim level to evaluate our operations and financials.  Furthermore, our fully integrated Collaborative PBM Cloud™ platform allows us to integrate pharmacy, medical, and lab data to provide actionable intelligence to our clients.


Accountable Care Organizations

RxAdvance can assist both Medicare and commercial Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) to reduce expenses for high cost members. To engage and deliver real-time actionable information to patients, providers, and pharmacist at the point-of-care and point-of-sale, RxAdvance leverages Patient-Rx360°™ delivered through Intelligent DUR360° Gateway™ to provide all stakeholders with a comprehensive view of the member’s health and medication regimen. Our Pharmacy-Integrated Total Care and Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services allow various stakeholders to review and optimize the member’s prescription regimen to proactively prevent Adverse Drug Events (ADEs) and eliminate duplicate therapies. In addition, by promoting generic usage, RxAdvance aims to lower costs for both members and plan sponsors. Through collaboration we can significantly increase medication adherence and awareness; thus, providing true improvements to quality of care and savings. 


Now more than ever, self-funded employers and their employees are seeking more customized offerings and greater financial value from their health benefit plans. Through RxAdvance’s integrated platform, we are able to provide employers with greater analytical capabilities to better manage their pharmacy costs. Insights generated from analysis will also allow RxAdvance to assist employers in designing benefit plans and disease management programs that best fit their employee population. Through this partnership, RxAdvance aims to not only provide the highest quality of pharmacy benefit management services, but also to motivate employees to become more engaged about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Through innovative solutions such as our interactive mobile application, members are able to access their personalized health dashboard, medication reminders, lower cost generic substitutions, and more. By empowering both employers and employees, effective cost management can be achieved while enhancing the employee’s health outcomes. 

Government Programs

In the U.S., health coverage through regulated markets (Exchange, Medicaid, and Medicare) has grown, therefore, government programs are under substantial pressure to improve quality of care and curb rising healthcare costs. RxAdvance’s Collaborative PBM Cloud™ utilizes a system-driven compliance approach, this allows us to provide our Clients with a consistent compliant mode of operation as the platform will not allow non-compliant actions by users. This approach along with our pharmacy benefit management services allows RxAdvance to partner with our plan sponsors to navigate the ever-changing regulatory environment and deliver cost savings to both members and plan sponsors. Our integrated platform, coupled with our experienced employees, is equipped to support plan sponsors in staying compliant, improving STAR measures and making healthcare affordable.