COVID-19 Healthcare Provider Resources


This update applies to: All Network Pharmacies
States: National
Line of Business: Medicaid, Health Insurance Market, & Commercial
RXBIN: 020545 & 610315

RxAdvance is committed to the safety of its members. We are continuously monitoring the impact of COVID-19 based on information provided by our public health stakeholders such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Currently, we are:

  • Evaluating current FDA shortages to assess potential drug shortages caused by the inability to import drug products that may result in disruption in therapy for member(s).
  • Monitoring rejected claims for potential trends related to the COVID- 19 outbreak (i.e. refill too soon or specific NDC issues).
  • Reviewing national and international data, supported by public health stakeholders, to assess the severity of illness caused by COVID-19.

At this time, we have implemented public health emergency override procedures, which will disable refill too soon rejections to ensure members are able to access their prescriptions during this public health emergency should the need arise for a member.

Associated BIN Numbers: 020545 & 610315

Pharmacies: Please use Submission Clarification Code 13 (SCC13) to override refill too soon rejections. Days supply are limited to plan benefits.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to RxAdvance’s Help Desk for additional questions or assistance. For urgent requests, you may also contact

Contact Information per Plan

Plan NamePharmacy Help Desk Number
Absolute Total Care (Healthy Connections)(800) 930-5512
Ambetter from Absolute Total Care(800) 475-6305
Ambetter from Illinicare Health, insured by Celtic Insurance Company(800) 863-9317
Ambetter from Magnolia Health(800) 779-2869
Ambetter from Peach State Health Plan(800) 868-3982
Ambetter from Pennsylvania Health & Wellness(800) 626-3813
Buckeye Community Health Plan – Medicaid(800) 681-5632
Buckeye Community Health Plan (MyCare)(800) 681-5632
Illinicare Health (Standard & Foster Kids)(800) 678-6237
Iowa Total Care (IA Health Link & Hawki)(877) 281-9627
Magnolia Health – Medicaid(800) 671-2276
Magnolia Health – Medicaid CHIP(800) 671-2276
Nebraska Total Care (Heritage Health)(800) 974-5268
Peach State Health Plan (Georgia Families, PeachCare for Kids & Planning for Healthy Babies)(800) 518-5973
Pennsylvania Health & Wellness (Community Health Choices)(800) 681-4572
Ambetter Buckeye Health Plan(800) 691-5206
SMART – District 1(800) 974-2931
SMART – District 2(800) 974-2931