RxAdvance is now a part of nirvanaHealth

RxAdvance was founded in 2013 as a full-service pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) with a mission to redefine the PBM ecosystem though innovative platforms. Since 2013, RxAdvance has experienced significant growth and demonstrated our ability to provide efficiency, transparency, and financial value to clients. With our track record of success in the PBM industry and our leadership teams’ previous experience in the payer technology space, we are now expanding our services into the payer industry.

With this expansion, RxAdvance will now operate as the pharmacy branch within a larger company whose name more appropriately captures the scope of our healthcare reach and mission, nirvanaHealth.

Nirvana has built the first robotic process automation cloud platform designed for healthcare, called Aria. With Aria as the foundation, Nirvana offers four core business solutions to the market: the Aria Payer Platform (SaaS model), the Aria PBM platform (SaaS model), Payer Managed Care Services, and our RxAdvance Full-Service PBM.

We believe that delivering PBM and Payer services through an integrated platform is the next step to truly transforming the healthcare industry. As we continue to innovate, build, deploy, and scale our Aria platform, it is our commitment to bring the art of possible to the payer and PBM industries to significantly reduce costs, improve member care, and empower consumers to manage their health in collaboration with care providers. With our integrated platform that allows both Payers and PBMs to manage their pharmacy, behavioral health, and medical programs, nirvanaHealth will have a greater impact in reducing the $900 billion of waste in the healthcare system.