Who We Are

RxAdvance was founded by a team of notable physician, healthcare, and technology entrepreneurs who have individually built several health systems and clinics, health insurance companies, and hi-tech software companies to disrupt traditional paradigms by delivering unparalleled savings and services in their respective industries.

With this unique combination of vast experience and deep domain expertise, RxAdvance founding executives have embarked upon a journey – “a noble cause” – to transform the complex healthcare ecosystem through game-changing business and revenue models, delivering RxAdvance’s three comprehensive services:

  • nirvanaRxCloud™ – optimizing total cost of care and overall pharmacy costs, while enhancing member health
  • nirvanaAccountableCare™– Managing the most unmanaged portion of managed care through risk sharing and reducing avoidable-drug impacted medical costs
  • nirvanaSpecialty™– optimize specialty spend by converting the “Buy & Bill” model to a “Value-Based and Outcome-Driven” specialty management model