What We Do




  1. nirvanaRxCloud™ Services: National full-service pharmacy benefit management services leveraging the Collaborative PBM Cloud™ platform to provide administrative, clinical and value-added services with unmatched regulatory compliance and transparency. With nirvanaRxCloud™, RxAdvance has created an innovative PBM paradigm that offers:
    • Pharmacy Cost Savings through:
      • Optimal utilization of drug benefits leveraging IntelligentDUR360°Gateway™
      • Maximization of operational efficiencies, which leads to lower administrative fees through the Collaborative PBM Cloud™ platform
      • Reduction of drug unit costs via competitively negotiated pharmacy network contracts and manufacturer rebate contracts
      • Promotion of untapped generics
      • Reduction of fraud, waste, and abuse (FW&A)
      • Transformation of specialty management from the current “Buy & Bill” model to an “Authorize & Manage” model
    • Drug-Impacted Medical Cost Reduction and Improved Quality of Life for Patients through:
      • Medication adherence management (MAM)
      • Coverage gap prediction and prescription planning (CGP³)
      • Reduced adverse drug events (ADEs)
      • Integrated medication therapy management (MTM) with physician-led comprehensive medication reviews (CMR)
    • Unmatched System-Driven Regulatory Compliance through Collaborative PBM Cloud™, Minimizing Personnel Involvement
    • Care stakeholder collaboration through the IntelligentDUR360°Gateway™, enhancing communication between prescribers, pharmacists, patients, and plan sponsors’ clinical and pharmacy staff
    • Complete operational visibility and transparency to plan sponsors, made possible through the Collaborative PBM Cloud™ platform
    • Unprecedented user configurability, enabling:
      • Rapid implementation
      • Easy incorporation of ongoing business and market changes
      • Seamless adherence to compliance and regulatory changes
  2. nirvanaAccountableCare™ Services: A payer or plan sponsor can continue to use their incumbent PBM. RxAdvance leverages nirvanaSmart, a comprehensive medication adherence management solution that engages all care stakeholders at every touch point in the care continuum, to reduce avoidable drug-impacted medical costs by taking risk on eligible members and providing services that include:
    • Opportunity Analysis and Patient Identification
    • Physician-Led Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR)
    • Duplicate Therapy Reduction
    • Adverse Drug Event Reduction
    • Electronic Disposable Pill Tray Delivery Management
    • Comprehensive Adherence Monitoring
    • Vital Signs Monitoring and Timely Care Coordination
    • Chronic Care Management Integration
  3. nirvanaSpecialty™ Services: A payer or plan sponsor can continue to use their incumbent PBM. However, the payer/plan sponsor carves out and contracts a set of essential services to RxAdvance. RxAdvance leverages nirvanaSpecialty™ to provide carve-out PBM services that include end-to-end specialty management services:
    • Specialty Formulary Management
    • PA Management
    • Utilization Management
    • Procurement Management
    • Specialty Claims Adjudication Management
    • Specialty Network Management
    • Case Management
    • Concurrent Management