Patient-Rx360°™ – RxAdvance’s member mobile App, empowers members to make right decisions in real-time through actionable alerts for better health outcomes and reduced out-of-pocket costs. Unique in the market – member health condition driven, Patient-Rx360°™ comprises of comprehensive disease, drug, age, and gender related adverse drug events (ADEs) alerts, cost saving opportunities, refill alerts, gaps in prescription, adherence pattern & monitoring alerts, and prescription planning & donut hole avoidance opportunities. This mobile app also enables members to actively participate in comprehensive medication review (CMR) and medication therapy management (MTM).

All the above mentioned member specific and health condition driven services are packaged and delivered real-time through IntelligentDUR360°™ leveraging Collaborative PBM Cloud™, to member mobile devices empowering members to learn, decide, and achieve desired quality and cost outcomes. It will also facilitate members to engage with physician at the point of care and pharmacist at the point of sale in collective decision making for the best health outcomes.

Comprehensive Service Offerings